January – Here’s to starting over!!!

January – Here’s to starting over!!!!

Another year, the time to set resolutions that we (usually) never keep up with.


So I'm going to be real with you, towards the end of the year I was in a great head space, well on the way to shredding the pounds and then something terrible happened..... December!!!!

The holidays totally threw me off my game, exercise flew out the window, 3 course meals became the everyday routine and the occasional family gathering became a drinking binge! I would be lying if I said that it wasn't fun, but then reality hit when looking at photos from New Years Eve, I couldn't help but ask myself..."Who is that fat fuck?", sad but true.

The emotion piled on me, like a ton of bricks, weighing heavy on my inner being, I had undone all of my hard work from 2016.

Nevertheless, its a New Year, and what I love about a Squeaky Clean New Year is that magical refreshing feeling of, I can accomplish anything I set my mind to!

So this morning, at 3:55 am I was out of bed, pre-workout in hand and ready for my fresh start.

I won't lie, it was hard, special thanks to a freak golfing knee injury(don't ask) in December, but I feel great despite going through some personal issues at work which have had me down since December(also where I lost some of my motivation).

The sense of accomplishment, feeling ALIVE again, walking into work wide awake instead of dragging my feet in still half asleep, it was AMAZING, I had forgotten this feeling and I'm so glad that I got my ass out of bed this morning.

So here's to starting over! Here's to trying harder
 and here's to 2017!


Have you also had to start over? Share your experience! 

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