Getting Started with Fitness

Tailoring your workouts to your lifestyle, budget and fitness level



  • Decide if you will be training at home or at gym
  • Choose a realistic time that is easy to work into your schedule
  • Stick to a routine
  • Choose a workout that you will enjoy
  • Work your way up to where you want to be


I was never a sporty kid, not for lacking of trying, but sports was just never my thing, so as you can imagine, getting started on a workout plan was anything but exciting for me.

Going to gym is definitely out of the question for me. My mornings start early and I get home late in the evening. Many people try and slot in a gym session in their lunch break but this just didn't make sense for me considering i would still need to shower and re-do my hair and makeup before going back to work(which in all honesty would probably take the entire lunch hour on its own). I am also at a point where I am actually embarrassed to be in a gym having to envy fitness barbie on the treadmill next to me. The thought of my fat bouncing all over the place and breathing like a donkey with asthma, in public, is enough to make me stay away from the gym for a very long time. That being said, many people actually prefer being in a group setting as they feel that it motivates them to not give up. So choose the right option for you.

I started by working out in the evenings after work, but I soon realized that was not exactly the best decision for me. Most days I was so tired when I got home that the thought of getting on some gym clothes, or even moving my limbs for that matter, was physically and emotionally agonizing, which meant that most days I just didn't end up working out. The other problem that I encountered was "The Hunger Games". After a looooong day, I'm usually reaching starving point when I get home, and lets be honest, who wants to workout when you are exhausted from your day and and just eaten a nice meal? Over and above all of that a morning workout leaves me feeling great! I start my day energetic, wide awake and alert, driven by the positiveness of killing it with my workout.

Make sure that when you choose your workout plan and time to workout, that you stick to both religiously. In doing so you will form a routine and make it easier on yourself to reach your goals.

Don't just do something for the sake of it, choose an activity that you will enjoy or in all likelihood, your enthusiasm will eventually fizzle out and you will just give up.

Its also important to remember to take baby steps. Hitting it too hard, too early, can sometimes leave you feeling demotivated as you are unable to keep up with it. Although your body changes when you challenge it, punishing it will do you no favours nor will it give you the results that you are looking for. Consider your capabilities and work your way up, taking into consideration any injuries that you may have had in the past. Injuries are the last thing that you need, they take forever to recover properly and set you off your routine making it harder to start all over again, so you want to avoid them at all costs.


Share your thoughts below, what works well for you?

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